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Sep 30, 2012 3:15am EDT
estioned -- put it this way, i think s wrong to demonstrate against your own country or organize demonstratio against your own country in foreign soil. i thinit's wrong. maybe they say it's a youthful indisgrerx. i was 19 or 20 flying an aircraft airier and that shaped me to a leader. it's not a question of patriotism, it's a question of judgment. mabel gotten on me about read my lips, if i make a mistake, i'll admit it. i just find it impossible t american can demonstra against his own country in a foreign land organizing demonstrations against it oung men re held prisoner in hahn oy or kids out of the ghetto were drafted. some say you're in a low fashion, maybe i am. whether it's character or judgment, whatever it is, i have a big difference on this issue. we'll have to see how it plays out. i couldn't do that. i don't think most amcould do that. they all say, well, it was a long time ago. let's admit. i made a terrible mistake. how could you be commander in chi of the armed force and when i made a tough decision panama or kuwait and say some kid, i'm not going to go. the comm
Sep 29, 2012 10:15pm EDT
the use of u.s. military force to get him gone? >> in this particular situation, no. bear in mind that we have a lot of sanctions in force against serbia right now. and the people of serbia know that they can escape all those sanctions if this guy is turned out of power. now, i understand what the governor has said about asking the russians to be involved, and under some circumstances that might be a good idea. but being as they have not yet been willing to recognize kostunica as the lawful winner of the election, i'm not sure it's right for us to invite the president of russia to mediate this -- this dispute there because we might not like the results that comes out of that. they currently favor going forward with a runoff election. i think that's the wrong thing. i think the governor's instinct is not necessarily bad because we have worked with the russians in a constructive way in kosovo, for example, to end the conflict there. but i think we need to be very careful in the present situation before we invite the russians to play the lead role in mediating. >> well obviously we wouldn't
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2